Symbolic Regression with Genetic Programming


Symbolic Regression is a type of regression analysis that searches the space of mathematical expressions to find the model that best fits a given dataset, both in terms of accuracy and simplicity. While conventional regression techniques seek to optimize the parameters for a pre-specified model structure, symbolic regression avoids imposing prior assumptions, and instead infers the model from the data. Common representation of the SR model is an expression tree.

  • An example of the expression tree for $x^3+x^2+x$

Genetic Programming (GP) evolves computer programs, traditionally represented as expression tree structures. Some of the applications of GP are curve fitting, data modeling, symbolic regression, feature selection, classification, etc.

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JuliaCon 2016

JuliaCon 2016 Presentation I went to JuliaCon 2016 which happened in Boston. I gave a lightning presentation on the design of the programming environments scheduled to appear in the coming version of Julia language. The project goal was to provide reproducible self-contained environment for any Julia code base. Presentation slides on “Julia Environments” from JuliaCon 2016.

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Linear Manifold Clustering In Julia

Some time ago, I ported to Julia one of my research projects - linear manifold clustering algorithm or LMCLUS. Initially, it was develop by Robert Haralick, who is my research adviser, and Rave Harpaz in 2005 1. I picked algorithm C++ sources from Rave and created R package with an option to compile into a standalone shared library without R dependencies.

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