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Comprehensive Logging In Julia

02 May 2015

I started a new project Log4jl. For a long time a was dissatisfied with logging functionality in Julia. Build-in functions (info, warn & error) are very poor way to log a diverse collection of events. I tried some packages, the best so far Logging.jl, but non of them would be able to provide a flexible way to output my data.

And then, for my research project I had to analyze internals of some algorithm that creates multitude of data while working. So I wrote my own small logger for this project. Then, I need along with some diagnostic messaging, dump some internal statistics and states of the algorithm. That was the end of it, I could have write a lot of diagnostic & logging code inside algorithm, and eventually I have to remove it, or at least disable, for a final version of the software. So, I decided to spend some time and write comprehensive logging library.

I perfect logging framework should be able to

I immediately recalled log4j project that I used many times. And that, how the Log4jl is started. Of course, I would not be able to provide all functionality of log4j and it is not necessary. I focus on above topics first and will adopt along the development.

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