The package ComputationalHomology provides various computational homology tools for cellular complexes.

Getting started

For Julia 1.1+, add BoffinStuff registry in package manager, and proceed with installation:

pkg> registry add
pkg> add ComputationalHomology

A simple example of computing the persistenthomology of the Vietoris–Rips complex.

julia> using ComputationalHomology

julia> X = rand(3,10); # generate dataset

julia> flt = filtration(vietorisrips(X, 0.4)...)
Filtration(SimplicialComplex((10, 9, 3)), Float64)

julia> ph = persistenthomology(flt)
Persistent Homology with TwistReduction

julia> group(ph, 0)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching group(::Type{PersistentHomology{TwistReduction,Float64}}, ::Type{Int64})